Levels of Sponsorship


$1,000 or less



$1,000 – $2,500



$5,000 – $10,000





How your donations can help support the team

Contributions of financial, services or in kind will be gratefully accepted. Thank You.

  • New resource kit including 40 various parts
  • Needed materials
  • Food for the Nerds
  • Motors and other components for FRC robots
  • Team shirts, costumes, and pit materials
  • Pay for tournament registration
  • Lower travel cost for team members to events
  • Registration Fees
  • Shipping of our robot

Benefits for our Sponsors

BLUE Level Benefits:

  • Shoutout towards your company through social media posts.
  • Letters of thanks

SILVER Level Benefits:

  • Company name listed on team t-shirt

GOLD Level Benefits:

  • Smaller company logo displayed on team┬át-shirt
  • Smaller logo on robot
  • A thank you video posted on social media

ALASKA Level Benefits:

  • Large company logo displayed on team t-shirt
  • Large company logo displayed on robot
  • Company logo displayed on team jumpsuits
  • Sponsors will receive a plaque in recognition of their contributions

In addition to all benefits given to our sponsors, their company name will be listed upon our website and a link to their website will be provided.