Out of bag before Auburn competition

After the success at our first competition, we had tasks to do, and six hours to do them. On our last day at Willsonville, we brought our robot and some supplies. They invited us to their external workshop, and three of the build team worked to improve the alignment device. Our plan was to spend half an hour to build it, and then test it. We ended up spending most of our two hours building this. While doing that, Allen and the drive team worked to practice driving and programming. On the last 20 minutes of our out of bag time, we met back together and mounted the pneumatics. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the 6mm bolts used to attach the alignment body to the pneumatics, so didn’t test it.

Later, on the day before competition, we visited Auburn. We still had 4 hours left, and still had lots of autonomous to do. Allen got to work on the autonomous, as the rest of us got to work on other pieces. After about an three hours, we had made amazing time. We got the pneumatics installed and tested, reinforced the intake, figured out the wire management, reinstalled the LEDs, and both caused and fixed a short circuit caused by the LEDs got receiving sufficient power. Allen did another autonomous, and it caused an issue. Without realizing it, we forgot to reset the encoder, and the lift overextended. Our extruded aluminum was completely bent, but thankfully the pulley was fine. We removed it, and asked if Auburn high school had any aluminum. They had 1″, and brought out a piece that was perfectly the same size, with groves able to fit the 20 mm T-nuts, and a hole in the exact area we needed the camera to be mounted. It was crazy. We were quickly able to fix it, and had the robot running in about half an hour. Allen continued autonomous, and got the scale programmed. We helped Auburn clean up their field, and then headed out.

Before competition tomorrow, we had a team meeting. We talked about what outreach and build team did, how to prepare for tomorrow, and a few other house-keeping items.


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