The Nerds of the North

2020 Team

Student Leadership

Josh B. President

In addition to his post as VP, Josh works on the Build team. He has spent over 13 years in FIRST programs, having participated in robotics since Jr. FLL. He likes to bake, hike, do math, and sleep. He plans to pursue a degree in chemical engineering some day, and has high hopes of attending the Danish Technological Institute.

Alexa T. Vice President

Alexa has had 11 years of experience with FIRST in both FLL and FTC. This is her first year in FRC, and she enjoys being part of the outreach, build, and programming departments. She participates in the Dimond Engineering Academy at Dimond High School. Outside of robotics, Alexa likes painting, writing, drawing, the ocean, scuba diving and spending time with her two dogs. Alexa hopes to attend the University of Waterloo after high school.

Matthew J. Secretary

Matthew participated in FLL for 3 years, and joined FRC 3 years ago. He has stepped into the role of lead programmer right away! He also plays hockey and mentors an FLL team. His two younger sisters are involved in FLL and also play hockey.

Will S. Treasurer

In addition to managing team fundraising and budget items, Will is a part of the team's build department. A good thing, becuase he likes good and usually expensive food. He has had 8 years of experience with FIRST, including FLL, FTC, and FRC. Will also enjoys hunting, skiing, fishing, snow machining, a little flying, and the occasional gaming session with friends. After high school, he plans to pursue an engineering degree, and hopes to become a commercial pilot as well.

Eric M. Safety Captain/ Lab Manager

Eric ensures all team members have received proper safety training, maintains order in the lab, and ensures we keep our workplace safe. He has had 5 years of experience with FLL. Three years ago, he joined 568 as a Nerdlet, and then joined the team as a full team member once he entered high school. He contributes to the build team, and also produces a lot of the teams media. Outside of robotics, he likes snowboarding.

Lawton S. Engineering Manager

Lawton oversees all engineering related subgroups on our team. He is in his 8rd year of FIRST experience, with 4 years of FTC and 4 years of FRC experience. He loves 3D printing, Elon Musk, Taco Bell, Arduino, raspberry pi, math, and RC plane flying. In school, he's taking 3 AP classes, and currently hold highest GPA of his class. He's also in Mu Alpha Theta math society, Key club honor society, and the Ocean Bowl team. After high school, Lawton plans to go to a west coast college (ideally Stanford), and then either private space industry, or join Silicon Valley startup. His secret, He has listened to the same song almost every night while falling asleep since hearing it late one night on an FRC trip.

Caden B. Business Manager

Caden oversees all business aspects of our team. He is in his 13th year of robotics experience with FIRST. He runs the team's blogs and social media pages, as well as making contributions to the outreach team. He like writing, Pokemon, drawing, music, D&D, the outdoors, and has even been to McNeil River. He also does a bit of coding for fun. After high school, Caden plans to attend the University of Alaska Fairbanks and major in Wildlife Biology.

Team Members

Alec N. Programmer

One of our new Programmers, Alec is a Sophomore from Dimond with inspirations to pursue STEM after graduation. He is a huge asset, bringing tons of engineering experience and he has visited 7 different countries.

Alex L. Lead Electrician

Alex has 4 years of experience with FIRST robotics and currently contributes FRC 568's build, electronics, and CAD departments. He loves to spend time fishing, hiking, skiing, and working on puzzles. He spends summers working on his family’s dairy farm. Alex plans to pursue a career in agricultural engineering.

Brian C. F. Programming & Strategy

Brian is a junior at West High School and a new member of our team and of FRC Robotics. He is a currently taking programming courses and is teaching himself java. He enjoys videogames, piano and exercise.He aims to be a Computer Scientist or Software Engineer after Graduation.

Brianna A. Outreach & Strategy

Brianna is one of our Kasigluk members, and usually calls into meetings. She has provided invaluable assistance to our team with a plethora of activities including The Riley Robot Book, Riley Robot and Hunt for Space Cat, blog post, and pit design.

Brody A. Programmer

His name is Brody, but his friends call him "Tree" probably due to branching into our Programming team

Cedar S. Member

Cedar is a Sophomore in high school and pumped to be apart of FIRST robotics. He is considering Aviation, Physics and Engineering after High School

Cody B. Member

Cody has been involved with FIRST for 8 years, as part of an FLL team and then as a mentor and volunteer. Despite being located 120 miles from the team's base station, Cody contributes to the design/build team. Cody is an avid fisherman and mountain biker. He hopes to attend the University of Alaska Fairbanks some day to study engineering.

Cyrus D. Outreach & Strategy


Eliza B. Outreach & Strategy

Eliza is one of our Kasigluk members, and usually calls into meetings. She has provided invaluable assistance to our team with a plethora of activities including The Riley Robot Book, Riley Robot and Hunt for Space Cat, blog post, and pit design.

Eric H. Build Team

Born and raised in Minnesotan, Eric is a Junior at South High School with two prior years of FRC experience with Bomb Bots. In addition, He has participated in 5 seasons of non-FIRST Robotics Competitions. He plans to pursue a career in Nuclear or Electrical Engineering.

Griffin B. Build Team

Griffin has been involved in FIRST for 8 years, in both FLL and Jr. FLL, as a part of Teams Infinite Brick and Fluorescent. This is his second year on the FRC team contributing to the build team. Fun fact--Griffin has 11 siblings!

Ian B. Outreach & Build Team

Ian has participated in FRC and FTC, has been a member of VEX Robotics, and knows how to 3D-Print, but this is his first year as an official Nerd of the North! He contributes to Build and Outreach. He's also a magician and hopes to pursue an engineering degree and study robots after High School.

Ian R. Strategy

Ian Roach is a veteran FIRST member having participated in four years of FTC, FLL, and FLL jr. He is currently participating in his third year of FRC with our programming team, bringing with him techniques learned in his AP Programming Class and Unity development courses. In his free time, he enjoys playing and designing video games and plans to go to college for game development and design.

Jackson K. Member

Jackson is a freshman from South Anchorage High School with an overflow of FIRST Experience, having been a prior member of the FLL team, Brick-masters and Brick-masters 2.0 and spending a year with the FTC team, JABOTS. He is the only member who attended NASA Space Camp and lived in Seattle for 7 years.

Jayden G. Programming & Electrical Team

Jayden is in his second year with FRC, and contributes to both the programming and electrical team. Outside of robotics, he's a gamer, and enjoys a good game of chess. After high school, he plans to attend a technical college.

Micheal B. Build

Currently Building

Marvin K. Member

This is Marvin's first year as a member of FRC and of FIRST Robotics and he loves games . Marvin is a Junior at Dimond High School and has taken Engineering Courses. He plans to engage in Aerospace Engineering in the future.

Mitchell T. Build & CAD

Mitchell is a seasoned member of FIRST robotics having been apart of FIRST for nearly half his life continuously bringing to our build team helpful advice and production.

Oakley F. Build Team

This is Oakley's first year as a member of our Team and of FIRST Robotics. He has two years of Vex Robotics Experience and contributes to build team. He is undecided in future plans, but has over 1000 hours on 2 games.

Seamus R. Build Team

Having spent four years with both the FTC team at STREAM Academy and Dimond High School, plus additionally volunteering at FLL, Seamus is a valued and experienced FIRST member of our build team. Outside of FIRST, he has attended three years of PLTW Engineering Courses and Summer Engineering Camps and loves Pomegranates

Sophia L.

Taylor H. Outreach

A junior at Dimond high school, Taylor is experienced with ALCA Scratch and knows both CPR and First Aid. additionally, Taylor runs the social media accounts and is an older sister to a nerd-let. she knows how to a unicycle and is a vegetarian.

Toya T. Programmer

This is Toya's second year with our team and with FIRST, he is Japanese and brings a love of programming to the table. In fact, programming is central to a lot of what he does; his hobbies besides robotics include watching Netflix and YouTube and programming Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Zoe M. Strategy, Programming & Business

As one of our online members, Zoe calls into meetings from Fairbanks and assist our business team working mostly on the business plan but occasionally strategy and programming. She knows how to play double bass.


Art Nerdlet - Programming

Art is in 6th grade, his favorite color is purple and he hopes to go into Zoology to help endanger animals. Usually hanging out with our programming team, Art has been apart of First Lego League Jr and has had prior programming experience in after school programs.

Blaize Nerdlet

In Progress

Casey Nerdlet

In Progress

Jasmine Nerdlet - Outreach & Build

Jasmine is in 8th grade and is new to FIRST. She wants to go into either art or marine Biology.

Nora Nerdlet

Nora is an veteran FIRST member having been apart of two years at FIRST Lego League with Sand Lake Samuri & Sand Lake Lions teams. She has taken a UAA Engineering Academics class in Water, Aerodynamics and Structures

Madison Nerdlet - Outreach & Build

Madison is in 8th grade and wants to be an engineer. While she is new to the FIRST experience, She was apart of the Ladies Robotics Camp at UAA and she enjoys archery.

Rocco Nerdlet - Outreach & Build

In Progress

Kalyee Nerdlet - Business

In Progress


Wade Roach Coach

Vicki Nechodomu Coach

Steve Ives Lead Build Mentor

Danny Tix Lead Programming Mentor

Dale Rooney Build Mentor

Cooper Danner Build Mentor

Emily Massie Business & Outreach Mentor

Kerre Shelton Business & Outreach Mentor

Laura Gordon Business & Outreach Mentor

Corbin Rowe Mentor

Marcus Mentor

Brandon Beck Mentor