The Nerds of the North

2023 Team

Student Leadership

Max President

Ben Vice President

Ilyas Secretary

Kalahan Treasurer

Gabe Safety Captain

Maria Engineering Manager

Kanna Business Manager

Team Members

Aris Build

Celeste Business

Celia Build

Gauge Build

Gavin Build

Hunter Build

Iuli Build

Issac Build

Kieran Build

Maniing Build

Natida Business

Natida Business

Sebastian Build

Shanley Build

Nora Business

Your name here 🙂 Member

Your name here 🙂 Build

Your name here 🙂 Business

Your name here 🙂 Member


Erin Nerdlet

7th and 8th graders Nerdlet

7th and 8th Graders Nerdlet


Wade Roach Coach

Steve Ives Coach

Danny Tix Lead Programming Mentor

Tanya Black Lead Business Mentor

Heather Build Mentor

Neesha Business & Outreach Mentor