The Nerds of the North

2021 Game Design Challenge

In addition to working on a robot, we also worked on the Game Design Challenge this year! The Game Design Challenge was a challenge by FIRST for FRC teams to create their own FRC game. This is our game “Aquatic Adventure”, a game where the robots must work together to retrieve the sunken treasure!

Here are the list of game elements used in Aquatic Adventure:

Treasure Chest




Chest plate

Seaweed Forest

Coral Reef




And here are the expected robot actions for this game:


  • Moving out of the dock – a 6” high platform where the robot will start
  • Coming in proximity with a chest


  • Place treasures into the buckets and lift them up to the boat
  • Passing treasures through the coral reef
  • Blocking the opponent’s vision by pulling the seaweed forest

End Game:

  • Both alliances help a robot to be raised by the net to be on the coral reef
  • Robots return on the dock