The Nerds of the North
The Nerds of the North

The Nerds of the North

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2021 Infinite Recharge

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2021 Chairman’s

Virtual Chairman’s Binder Since we were unable to travel to competition in person this year, due to the Coronavirus outbreak and affiliated travel restrictions, we are providing a digital copy of the supporting materials that...

Encouraging Literacy

One of our team’s missions is to improve Alaskan youth literacy—which the University of Alaska has noted as being a common barricade for college-bound students. Alaska has an 11% illiteracy rate and has ranked the lowest...

Online Orientation Update!

One of the projects that we are completing under our Equity and Diversity Plan is the creation of a comprehensive online orientation for members who...
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Water Jet Photos

We're excited to see that our water jet is working well! Here are some of the things that it has created recently:
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Meet a new member!

Hello, my name is Kenya and I am a sophomore in Dimond High School. I joined Nerds of the North last year, just around the...
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Game Design Challenge Week 1-4

This year FIRST has decided that they will do their games remotely, and one of the challenges they provided us was the Game Design Challenge....
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2021 Robot Redesign: Week 1-4

With another year comes another season, and while this year's challenge is considerably different than anything our team has done before, we're excited to see...
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Our Equity and Diversity Plan

For the first time in our team's history, we have created our first ever Equity and Diversity plan! We made this plan to better increase...
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2021 FRC Kickoff!

We started this season’s kickoff with FIRST’s livestream. This introduced us to this season’s game and challenges, including the new Game Design Challenge and Innovation...
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2021 FRC Kickoff Announcement

January 9, 2021 is the annual FIRST Robotics kickoff event! This event marks the start to the season, where the team is assigned challenges including...
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Operation Lego Redistribution Updates

Since our last post about Operation Lego Redistribution, we've made a lot of progress in our mission to redistribute Alaska's LEGO supply. After creating our...
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Project Avatar Update

For the past many weeks, we've been hard at work on the Project Avatar robot, and this week we hit a big milestone in our...
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Project Avatar: part 2

Since our last blog post, we've been meeting weekly to design, programming, build, and discuss logistics of our project to build a robot for virtual...
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Inside the Riley Robot Game

It took some time, but Riley Robot in a Space Race is now playable on the Riley Robot website! Now that the game is officially...
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PNW Chairman’s Championship Event

It is Saturday June 4, 2020. After having won the Chairman's Award at the Wilsonville event, we got the opportunity to travel back to Washington,...
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Online Recruitment

Though we may be kept isolating at home, that doesn’t mean we can’t begin recruitment for the upcoming season. Many of our current members heard...
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Project Avatar

For a while now, our team has included members from all over Alaska. We even have a member in Mexico! We are currently working on...
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