The Nerds of the North

The Nerds of the North

FRC Team 568
2020 Infinite Recharge
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Encouraging Literacy
One of our team’s missions is to improve Alaskan youth literacy—which the University of Alaska has noted as being a common barricade for college-bound students. Alaska has an 11% illiteracy rate and has ranked the lowest...

2020 Chairman’s Video

Virtual Chairman’s Binder

Since we were unable to travel to competition in person this year, due to the Coronavirus outbreak and affiliated travel restrictions, we are providing a digital copy of the supporting materials that we would have otherwise supplied to judges in our Chairman’s binder during our interview.

2020 Infinite Recharge Season Recap
It has been a whacky season this year! Both from changes within our team, as well as those not within our control, this season has...
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Spring Special CADathon
Given the circumstances of this season's abrupt ending, F4 decided to make a "Spring Special" CADathon, which ran from Easter Day to the following Sunday....
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Wilsonville Chairman’s Award
FIRST Washington held a virtual ceremony this Friday to celebrate team’s accomplishments even though there was no competition. Teams still submitted chairman’s videos and essays...
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FLL Qualifiers
On the 7th and 14th of December we volunteered at the FLL Qualifiers in Anchorage at Begich middle school. It was a fantastic success, with...
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Introduction to Drive Train Test Beds
This year, we have been testing both a standard 8 wheel drive train V.S a Mechanim drive train.  While the standard option is more reliable,...
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Design Spotlight: The Cheeto
From week one, we had two design constraints that we wanted to adhere to this season. The first was to get five power cells in...
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Sim Team begins VS Code Java application
Brian & Coach Roach meet via Zoom On January 21, the SIM team connected on Zoom to go over the framework for the Java simulation....
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FLL State Championship
This past Saturday, we volunteered at the FLL State Championship. On Friday, some of us helped set up, then the next day 25 of us...
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