The Nerds of the North

Member Info.

Complete an Application

Our application is key in providing us with the proper media and liability release forms necessary for meeting on UAA Campus. It also provides our business department with the data necessary to track team demographics, write member bios, etc. Turn completed applications in to Coach Vicki.

Read our Bylaws

  • Our bylaws provide the structure our team stands on. It is important that all Members, Nedlets, and Mentors read the bylaws thoroughly to understand the framework of our team and how we function/make decisions.
  • Read our team bylaws here

Register with FIRST Inspires

Sign up for TeamSnap

  • Our team uses TeamSnap for scheduling meetings, lab times, and outreach events.
  • Ask a coach or student leader to add you to TeamSnap (these invites must be done manually)

Join our Discord

  • We use Discord to communicate about ideas and bond as a team in between meetings.
  • Sign up for a discord account here (ask a team member for the code or email invite)
  • Downloading the app on your phone helps you receive notifications of chats, keeping you in the loop with the team.

Get onto GoogleDrive

We use GoogleDrive to create, share, and store all team documents. This includes our meeting notes and agendas. If you miss a team meeting, you can always look back in this document to see notes about what you missed. You can also see what’s on the agenda for the upcoming meeting in advance. A coach or student leader can add you to our GoogleDrive folder.

Complete Safety Training

  • All youth and mentors must read the FRC 568 Safety Manual.
  • All youth and mentors are required to take the General Safety training and pass the General Safety quiz with a minimum of 80%
  • All youth and mentors wishing to use power tools in the lab must take the Equipment Training and pass the Equipment quiz with a minimum of 80%. Following the quiz, they must demonstrate their competence on each piece of equipment to be added to the approved user list for each piece of machinery.
  • Complete your safety training at using the course code V8VRD-CTH7Z.