The Nerds of the North

Team Departments

Engineering Department

Design & Build Team

Design and build robot based on function and mobility. Includes those with CAD skills as well as mechanical engineering.

Strategy Team

Conducts research and creates game simulations and tream strategy. Is also heavily involved in scouting strategies.

Control Team

Manages electronics and wiring on the robot and programs the robot.

Safety Team

Provides training to team and enforces safety precautions are taken consistently. Manages shop/lab. Creates safety video submission.

Business Department

Finance Team

Creates business plan, seeks out sponsorships, plans travel and logistics, coordinates fundraising efforts.

Media & Comm. Team

Maintains website and social media accounts, trains other departments on website a social media use, prepares award submissions, prepares press releases.

Outreach Coord. Team

Organizes cohesive and impactful outreach plan, collects data on outreach, enlists team members for outreach events, tracks team participation in outreach.

Branding & Image Team

Creates cohesive and interesting team image through costume, pit design, and robot aesthetics. Communicates branding standards to other team departments.