The Nerds of the North

Get Involved!

Why join the team?

Why become a Nerd or Nerdlet?

Well, the number one reason is robotics is cool!

But there are so many other reasons to join. There are many opportunities for students with many different interests. If you’re interested in engineering, you can gain practical experience using professional 3D modeling software along with manufacturing tools like 3D printers or laser cutters. You can learn the Java and Python programming languages as you code the robot to move, shoot objects, and earn huge points. Don’t like engineering? Perhaps you’d enjoy the business side of the team. You can learn how to manage social media, develop our team website, earn grant money, make videos, and reach out to the community.

You get to learn and do all of this with a welcoming and collaborative team that would be excited to have you. Come join us!

Become a Nerd of the North (Team Member)!
Any high school student across the state of Alaska is welcome to officially join our team and wear the label “Nerd” proudly! We need people with many different strengths to fill a wide variety of roles, ranging from the more technical ones such as designers and builders and programmers, to the more business ones such as fundraisers, book writers, illustrators, marketing and communications folks, etc. We are happy to connect remotely with students from other parts of the state.

Become a Nerdlet of the North (Team Member in Training)!

Middle school students are too young to be officially considered team members, but they’re not too young to start learning! Nerdlets are team members in training, and get the opportunity to shadow team members in multiple roles to start finding their niche and start learning the skills.

Become a Mentor!

We’re constantly looking for more mentors to help coach and teach us the many skills necessary for us to run an effective team. This includes technical skills like designing, building, and programming, as well as business skills such as marketing, branding, media development, fundraising, etc. We welcome expertise from mentors!

Become a Sponsor!

FRC is a pretty expensive program, from materials and equipment to out of state travel expenses. We greatly appreciate any support through financial contributions and/or in-kind donations. Click here to learn more!