Shipping Down to Washington

After many hours of work on our robot, we are relieved to pack it up and start the shipping process. The robot will be flown nearly 1500 miles to Seattle where it will be picked up and driven an additional 190 miles to Wilsonville, Oregon where we will attend our first district competition of the season.

Being an Alaskan team presents some unique challenges for us. With our nearest district event being thousands of miles away we have to find creative ways to transport our 110lb bot to where it needs to go. In addition to bagging up the robot we also have to fit it securely into a 6 x 6ft wooden box to protect it during the flight. Shipping an object this massive is usually pretty costly, but lucky for us we have an amazing sponsorship through Alaska Airlines that covers a portion of shipping costs. Once it arrives, the crate will then be transferred to a uHaul van where it will be transported and stored for the remainder of the the competition.

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