Welcome, Nerdlets!


Welcome, Nerdlets! We were excited to have 4 young aspiring Nerds of the North attend our meeting last night to shadow our programmers and build team. These Nerdlets have been involved with FIRST through FLL and FTC for many years and are ready to take the next step and join an FRC team. The group enthusiastically tackled dismantling and reassembling a portion of the test bed while another Nerdlet, the star coder for his FLL team, got to work closely with the programming team.

This group of Nerdlets all attend the same middle school and are teammates on FLL Team #201 “The Brick Masters”. Because none of them are old enough to participate in FRC this event has allowed them to gain experience and insight into the challenges and dynamics of an FRC team as compared to an FTC or FLL team. By opening up our team to younger members of the FIRST community we hope to continue promoting STEM and inspire the engineers of tomorrow.

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