CAD Webinar

During this unprecedented time, Lawton decided to host zoom meetings every Tuesdays and Thursdays to teach some members of the team how to model 3D designs through the computer software Fusion 360. In the first few meetings, Lawton demonstrated how to use Fusion 360 to design a drive base for FRC. After a few demonstrations, in our first project, we had to create a drive base on our own. Here is an image of one of the completed models:

After we completed this project, we took a step back and learned about the basic elements of sketching and extruding sketches to create 3D designs. Lawton assigned us challenges so members can gain more experience in using different tools that the program offers such as constraints, changing appearance, fillets, chamfers, render, etc. 

Our most recent project was to model our own mobile phones. After modeling the phones, we used the render tool to make our models photo-realistic and we showcased them to our other team members! Here are some of the phone models we made:

We hope to work on more projects in the future and gain more experience in modeling 3D designs.

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