Meet a new member!

Hello, my name is Kenya and I am a sophomore in Dimond High School. I joined Nerds of the North last year, just around the time when the pandemic became wild and when summer break started. This all started from the recruitment from my friend, Toya. I have not been in a FRC team nor have I had any experience with FRC before, but the team welcomed me virtually through zoom and discord. At first I didn’t know anything and was not sure about how I could help contribute to the team, but at the time I was enjoying making stupid videos and saw that video making was a part of the business team. I could not stop myself from joining, since that was the only thing I knew and enjoyed. Another thing that I took apart in was Operation Lego Redistribution (OLR). This was basically where you sort out a bunch of used LEGO pieces into bags to be distributed to FLL teams across the state. It hurt my fingers a lot but at the end I felt the sense of accomplishment. 

To this day, I feel sheepish around strangers, but I hope to know better about my team in the future.