Game Design Challenge Week 1-4

Game Design Challenge Week 1-4

This year FIRST has decided that they will do their games remotely, and one of the challenges they provided us was the Game Design Challenge.

The Game Design Challenge is about creating a new FRC game, and if we win the challenge, part of (or all of) our game will be used for an actual FRC game!

Of course, combining all our ideas into one is a challenging task. After we created a GANTT chart, we first brainstormed the theme of the game. We each chose a theme to focus on, and presented to each other what the game could be like. After we voted on the top 2 games, underwater treasure hunt and escape room, we further expanded these themes.

Finally, after thinking of different elements and game procedures, we voted again, and decided on……. Underwater Treasure Hunt!

Now we are on to finalizing the game mechanics. We now know the basic ideas of the game: there will be a vision blocking element, buckets and ships to transport the treasure, chests that hold the treasures, and lifting up a robot on a “net”. In our last meeting, we were talking about these things on a single jamboard (making a little bit chaotic sketch):

Soon, we should also have some CAD models of some of the game elements. We are excited to see this game come together!