Operation Lego Redistribution

Operation Lego Redistribution (OLR) is a new outreach project we started. It centers around the field components that are used at the State FLL Competition each year, then left in storage. OLR is a project that takes all of these components and sends them out to volunteers. These volunteers will take apart the components and sort them into categories. The next step on the Lego journey is an unused closet at UAA. From there, they will be given a second life, redistributed to teams across the state via a website we are creating. 

The website will showcase a catalogue of Legos, and teams can order the specific parts they need from the site. Teams can also order Booster Boxes. Booster Boxes are geared toward younger or less funded teams that haven’t acquired a stockpile of Legos from past years. Booster Boxes are boxes can be requested, and then sent out to FLL teams to provide them with a random assortment of legos allowing more creative license in creating their future robot creation. The site also has a Google form for volunteers to sign up to sort Legos, an opportunity to directly assist the next generation of innovative science and technology leaders. If you are interested in learning more about the project, you can check out our website

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