Riley Robot and the Hunt for SpaceCat

We’re excited to announce the next video in our Riley Robot Read-Aloud Series! In a time of social distancing, we want to continue to provide ways to promote STEM and literacy in our community. Our newest video is Riley Robot and the Hunt for SpaceCat, read by our team president, Lawton Skaling.

In this story, Riley Robot is on a walk with SpaceCat in Milky Way Park when SpaceCat goes missing. Riley must search the entire solar system to find SpaceCat again. This story is one of our new Riley Robot stories that was created this past season.

Riley Robot and the Hunt for SpaceCat was written by Lawton Skaling, Seamus Rogacki, and Laura Gordon. It was illustrated by Breanna Andrew, Ian Beck, Eliza Brink, Nora Dennison, Laura Gordon, Madison Heckart, Taylor Heckart, Sophia Lee, Emile Massie, VIcki Nechodomu, Wade Roach, and Lawton Skaling.

If you’re interested in listening to this story, the video is embedded below. If you want to see previous Read-Alouds, join us at our Youtube, FRC 568 Nerds of the North

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