Riley Robot Illustration Workshop

This Saturday, we hosted a Riley Robot illustrating workshop, where we created illustrations for 5 of the new Riley Robot books that our team wrote at the previous workshop. We used a lot of different art media, including oil pastels, markers, watercolor and computer generated graphics. Fifteen of us made progress towards illustrating these new books. We split into groups to each focus on a specific book, and each group member chose roles they were the most comfortable doing–specific tasks such as background washes or detailed character drawings. Even though some people weren’t confident in their art, we made sure everyone had a job they felt they could do well. While illustrating, we referenced previous books, our Riley Robot website, and asked each other questions to make sure details were the same through out each book. We even had some of our remote team members participate by video conference from hundreds of miles away–Team members in Kasigluk and Eagle River worked on art components and sent them in digitally, while also having the opportunity to voice onions online.

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