Safety Animation Video Posted!

Wow, what a week! Anchorage was struck with a 7.0 Earthquake last Friday, and as a result, our team does not have access to any of our schools or our lab space at the UAA College of Engineering yet. We have an entire week off of school while engineers assess our buildings, determine damages, and decide if structures are safe for our return. But we were determined to make use of our extra time off of school to work on the Safety Animation video due this week!

The creation of the Safety Animation video was a great example of our team’s use of remote collaboration and perseverance to overcome hurdles. Some team members set up shop at a local coffee shop, while others participated remotely from their homes using Google docs to collaborate on the planning, collecting and creating of media, and weighing in with feedback.

We are also especially proud to be able to bring back last year’s outreach project, our Riley Robot children’s book, as a central theme for our animation video. Enjoy, and stay safe out there, folks!

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