Post-Earthquake  FLL Build Session

Post-Earthquake FLL Build Session

After our massive 7.0 earthquake last week, several FLL teams had suffered quite a bit of damage to robots and fields. With only a little time before the only qualifier in the Anchorage area, we co-hosted a session with the FTC JABOTs team for FLL teams to come and work with members of our team to recover and rebuild. Alaska Communications Systems allowed us to use their community training center to open up a workspace for teams, as all schools and the University campus were closed. After an entire day of work, the teams were feeling much better about their robots, and we were glad to help. During that time, we were also able to help assemble competition playing field elements for the State FLL Championships, which had also been delayed by campus closures. We were happy to put our unplanned time out of school to work towards robotics.