2024 FIRST Robotics Competition Anchorage Kickoff

2024 FIRST Robotics Competition Anchorage Kickoff

2024 FIRST Robotics Competition Anchorage Kickoff 

Where:  UAA Engineering Industry Building (or on zoom)

When:  9 am – 12 pm  Saturday January 6, 2024

What: The 2024 FRC Game will be revealed and FRC teams will begin the 6 week race to solve this year’s design challenge.

Who: All current and potential FRC team members, parents and any interested members of the public.

What to bring:  If you are a student please bring some eats or drinks to share with about 10 people.

Zoom Link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/2740899302?pwd=Z3N2WTBETkhNY3h4c2hEODlwcGZZQT09

9:00 am: meet and greet, introductions:  Danny Tix, Steve Ives, and Wade Roach (roach_wade@asdk12.org)

9:30 rebroadcast of the live kickoff video from Manchester, New Hampshire will begin.  This 1.5 hour recording includes examples of the chairman’s award winner and special segments on safety FIRST.  Dean Kamen and the spirit of Woody Flowers will provide some appropriate remarks to get everyone pumped up to begin.  The game field will be revealed and the game animation will introduce us to this year’s challenge.  Finally the decryption code for this year’s manual will be released.

10:30-noon: brainstorm and schedule for the season

Notes:  Parking is free in the University on Saturday

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