New Riley Robot Read-Aloud Series

In a time of social distancing, our team has unfortunately been unable to do Riley Robot Read-Alouds in the community like we normally do. We won’t let that stop us, though! FRC Team 568 is proud to announce the beginning of our online Riley Robot Read-Aloud series, coming straight to you from the comfort of our own homes.

Our first Read-Aloud is Riley Robot and the Curious Lights, narrated by our treasurer Alec Norton. In this story,  Riley Robot is exploring a new planet when he sees lights in the sky that he’s never seen before. With the help of his new friend Polly Polar, Riley learns about these curious lights.

Riley Robot and the Curious Lights was written by Nikira Lane, Tina Lane, and Matthew Johnson. It was illustrated by Nikira Lane.

If you’re interested in listening to this story, click on this link and join us at our Youtube channel!

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