2021 FRC Kickoff Announcement

2021 FRC Kickoff Announcement

January 9, 2021 is the annual FIRST Robotics kickoff event! This event marks the start to the season, where the team is assigned challenges including robot design, project proposals, creating videos, and showcasing the progress we’ve made through the offseason.

Who: FRC 568 students, alumni, coaches, and prospective students

What: Annual FIRST Robotics Kickoff Event

When: January 9, 2021 at 8:00 am AK time

Where: From the comfort of your home! See below for the zoom link

Questions? Email us at frcteam568@gmail.com


8:00 – 9:00*: FIRST Livestream – This season’s game is announced

9:00* – 9:10*: Introductions

9:10* – 9:45*: Season overview – leaders of each subgroup discuss what they are planning to do this season, and give initial thoughts

9:45* – 10:30*: (optional) Transition to Remo for in depth discussion on group projects

*Livestream end time unknown

How to join:

Zoom: https://alaska.zoom.us/j/418511855