Out of bag before Auburn competition

After the success at our first competition, we had tasks to do, and six hours to do them. On our last day at Willsonville, we brought our robot and some supplies. They invited us to their external workshop, and three of the build team worked to improve the alignment device. Our …

PNW District Wilsonville Event 2018

Our first District Event this season is in Wilsonville, Oregon and it was was amazing!  All the other teams performed admirably and we hope that they perform well at future events that they attend.  Overall, we won the District Engineering Inspiration Award and got 22nd place in the District Event.  …

Pit Completion

  We finally have finished our arcade themed pit design for the events in the lower forty-eight.  We can't wait to showcase our custom built arcade cabinets that should complete the theme of an Arcade for our pit.

Shipping Down to Washington

After many hours of work on our robot, we are relieved to pack it up and start the shipping process. The robot will be flown nearly 1500 miles to Seattle where it will be picked up and driven an additional 190 miles to Wilsonville, Oregon where we will attend our …

Bag and Tag Night

  After 6 weeks of intense build, we finally had a working robot ready for bag and tag just minutes before the deadline. We have a successful climber, lift, and intake system. Looking forward to shipping the robot and PNW competitions.